• Since 2011 member of BBK-Ruhrgebiet.

  • Since 2004 start working "Schattenspiele".

  • Reorientation away of constructivist image design and objective painting towards free painting and abstraction.

  • 2003 completion of diploma.

  • 1999–2002 studied at Freie Kunstakademie Rhein/Ruhr in Essen (Germany) under Stephan Paul Schneider (Honor as Meisterschüler* by Ulrich Erben), Bernhard Lokai (Honor as Meisterschüler by Professor Gerhard Richter) and Heinz Morszoeck (Honor as Meisterschüler by Markus Lüpertz).

  • 2000 beginning of abstract work with colors.

  • 1998 creation of works using a palette-knife with special emphasis on effects resulting from the interplay between light- and darkness.

  • 1997/1998 advanced artistic training under Armin Becker, painter in Dortmund (Germany).

  • 1997 beginning of acrylic painting.

  • In the 90ies an increasing interest in research concerning the effect of light and darkness in the image.

  • Between 1977 and 1995 primary focus on the development of works in series form– for example: Schneckenvariationen und L’eau vive.

  • Between 1977 and 1995 acquisition of various advanced artistic qualifications as well as residencies in Trier, Hamburg, Cologne and Dortmund (Germany).

  • Since 1977 freelance artist.

  • Since 1974 further education in art under several artists in Arras and surroundings (France).

  • 1976–1980 Studies in material science focusing on mixture of color, egg tempera and various techniques of painting like for example tone-on-tone painting.

  • Born in 1958 in Département Pas de Calais (France).

* Meisterschüler is a degree given to art students by certain professors; it is comparable to the PhD at universities.